Extreme Video Plugin Patch

On this site, I’m using Ross Gerbasi’s Extreme Video Plugin for WordPress. It is working, but has some limitations, and more recently a display bug with YouTube appeared, as YouTube changed their video player. Ross doesn’t seem to have the time to fix these, so I did some patches to the code, and can provide you an updated download.

Changes in this patch

  • Fix: YouTube player is not padded and clipped any more.
  • Fix: Google Video updated to new embed code.
  • Fix: Prevent WordPress‘ Linkification.
  • Change: not using flvPlayer.swf for GV and YT. Sorry, no fullscreen anymore.

To embed a video in your page, enter the following code, using square brackets [] instead of parenthesises ():

As you see, it is not necessary to paste full URLs into your WordPress editor. Requiring so meant you had to disable the rich editor, as it would have linkified the URLs and broke the plugin code.

Note: the current version implements no fixes or other changes for your old Google Video entries which had the full URL in the data attribute. If you’re interested in this, because you rightfully think it’s silly to change all of your videposts, please leave a comment, and I’ll see if I can find the time. I personally had no old GV posts, so this was not a prioriry for me.


Download wp-GoogleVideo.php Version 2.3.rue.1 and replace it with the wp-GoogleVideo.php in the plugin folder of your WordPress installation.