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How to use Adobe’s Open Source Code Font in IntelliJ Idea on Ubuntu

Adobe has released a monospaced font specifically intended for displaying source code, called Source Code. You can download it on SourceForge, and I will show you how to use it in your favorite IDE on your favorite OS.

1) Download the zip file from SourceForge.

2) Open a terminal and enter the following commands to unzip the font, and recreate your font cache:

mkdir ~/.fonts
cd ~/Downloads
unzip -d ~/.fonts/
fc-cache -f

3) Restart IntelliJ, open the settings (CTRL-ALT S), and filter for „font“

4) Create a new font scheme by clicking „Save as…“, if you don’t already have a scheme

5) Select „Source Code Pro“, and you’re finished.

So far I like it just a little bit more than the default „DejaVu Sans Mono“, but enough to keep using it. I really like how they used a very minimal design for the lower case i, and that there is a highly noticeable difference between 0 and O.

The blog entry by Paul goes into a lot of detail on what requirements he wanted to adress with his design on a font specifically for source code.